November 1-4th, 2016

Seattle, WA

Rachelle Louise Love collection. Photo by Gianluca Cescon.

Proudly launched in Vancouver BC, this non-profit fashion extravaganza is presenting its 11th edition next spring in Seattle, WA. This organization seeks to promote innovative alternatives and solutions for a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry.

Abel collection. Photo by Peter Jensen.

Hundreds of stylists and designers from around the world have participated over the years to shine attention on the need for progressive ways to stem the pollution and waste from the world’s 2nd worst planet-damaging industry- FASHION!

(Did you know…? American manufacturers alone, are responsible for 15.1 million tons of textile waste per year…!)

You can make a difference by learning to incorporate ingredients for an “Eco-Recipe” which any brand can create by adding their own values, beliefs and resources to establish more sustainable practices.

For more info on ECO-FASHION WEEK, click here.


It’s time for a Fashion Revolution!

This UK-based movement’s mission is to increase awareness of easy and effective alternatives to buying new clothes.

Options like clothes-swapping, thrift store hunting, and renting clothes for special occasions are all fun and novel ways that help to avoid more discarded outfits from littering our planet.

FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK – April 24- 30, 2017

Click to join the Fashion Revolution!


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