TREND ALERT: Hem Blocking

Working in a casual office setting, the Gods of fashion require us to constantly rethink and reinvent our denim. Mixing things up and keeping our denim game fresh can really brighten your day, not to mention your outfit.

Whether it’s carefully and painstakingly creating natural looking rips into basic jeans, releasing the hems for a more casual finish or experimenting with indigo dye, we’ve had our share of denim adventures throughout the years.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered a new denim trend we’d never heard about, let alone tried.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Hem Blocking!

Credits: The Impression, ASOS, Fondle Magazine, Barneys New York
Credits: Nordstrom, New Male Fashion, Chi Chi Boutique

We’re absolutely positive that many brands are going to latch on to this trend and offer a variety of styles in store, but let’s face it, if you own a sewing machine, this is the easiest thing in the world to do!

Here are some Télio denims we’d love to see paired together!

Credits: Télio
Credits: Télio
Credits: Télio

What do you think of Hem Blocking? Are you ready to cut off a few inches off your favourite jeans and adding a different denim colour to them? Or are you going to wait a little bit and see if the trend catches on? Let us know!

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