Jean wear represented a turning point in the democratization of fashion. Originally worn by American manual workers in the late 19th century and then evolving to become an iconic garment mainly in the United States, jeans have experienced a revival.  Once being considered an icon of marginality sported by delinquents in the 50s, jeans are now considered an essential wardrobe staple.

{Row 1} Espaço Jumpsuit; Now Fashion, {Row 2} TÉLIO’s Westwood Denim 35595 Col. 01, TÉLIO’s Westwood Denim 35594 Col. 01, TÉLIO’s Westwood Denim 35593 Col. 01

Denim has forged its place in society and has become accepted amongst all classes and demographics. Its comfort and strength have enabled it to mature with the times and become a fashion classic. Denim has evolved from pants and has spread to all other pieces of clothing. This resistant fabric has been exploited in many ways and in many textures. Stay tuned for next fall; denim textures will be waiting for you in dimensional textures, appliques and discolorations.

{Row 1} Jacket; Barbara Bui, Bomber Jacket; Free People, {Row 2} Texture Denim;


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