MOOD: Navajo

The majority of my fabric collection consists of Navajo Weaves or printed textiles, and even though all I want to do is drape myself in them I can’t bear to cut them up. Why is that? Is it the colors that I love? Perhaps it’s the intricate patterns that tell stories of the past? Or it’s a part of a past life? Whatever it is, I can’t get enough of this look.

Below are some TÉLIO’s fabrics that will definitely inspire your Navajo Mood. Enjoy!

navajo{Row 1} TÉLIO’s Blossom Chiffon Style 34043 color 11, Girl walking with poncho; Concrete Shack, TÉLIO’s Rayon Voile Print Style 33574 color 01 {Row 2} Earrings; Beyond Buckskin, Desert Image; Wiki Media, Two Models; The Fashion Spot (Row 3) TELIO’s Rayon Voile Print Style 34469 col 01, Canyon de Chelly Locals; Laughing Raventours, TÉLIO’S Kimono Chiffon Style 34375 color 03

I love to lie and listen to the music When the wind is strummin’ a sagebrush guitar
When over yonder hill the moon is climbin’ It always finds me wishin’ on a star
Well whatta, ya know, it’s mornin’ already There’s the dawnin’, so silver and pale
It’s time to climb into my saddle And ride the Navajo trail

– Sam Cooke


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