MOOD: Music to your Eyes

Every color, texture and shape has a unique rhythm and beat. Here is a selection of TÉLIO’s Fabrics inspired by vintage vinyl records!

MOOD Music to your eyesPhoto Sources: Audrey Hepburn; Tumblr, Anna Karina; Anna Karina, Girl with hat; Tumblr,   TÉLIO’s Fabrics used: Milano Foil Style 33637 color 01, Kimono sateen Style 34492 color 01, Stefani sequin embroidery Style 34296 color 02, Harlequin prints Style 33875 color 01

What are you listening to lately?

MOOD Music to your eyes2

Photo Sources: Living Room; Griya, Vinyl Record Shop; , Vinyl Shopping; Tumblr

Different choices of music, such as rock, punk, hip hop, hindi, etc. have resulted in the adoption of a unique assortment of clothing trends. Many of which are still considered stylish, and are worn by people all around the world!

Anna Karina dancing “Vivre sa vie”- Jean-Luc Godard


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